Thursday, October 8, 2009

More pics of Will ... in utero.

Here is Will's right arm up around his face. He spent a lot of time with both of his arms around his face and was even playing with his hair. Of course his Daddy is jealous of all his hair. Haha!!

Mom and I went for the second 3D Ultrasound at UC Baby just over a week ago so that we could get the video redone. It was incredible how much Will seemed to have grown in just a week. Of course all of the 3D images are software rendered so it is of course open to interpretation. This time I wanted to get some good shots of his boy parts and we even got to get a glimpse of his peepee! Haha.

I love this one of his little foot sticking out from between the placenta. He has his toes spread and as soon as I saw it I spread my toes too ... it was funny.