Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big belly pics ... woot!!

So here are some pics of "the belly" on Sunday. You can definitely see that along with a huge-mongous belly I am also getting pretty puffy in the face too! Let's hope that this is a sign that Will is going to make an appearance soon. Things are continuing to go very well but I did end up with a bit of a scare yesterday by becoming dehydrated. I went quite a while without feeling any action from Will wiggling around in my belly ... as Pete said, I left him to swim in the shallow end and he didn't have room for his normal antics. After a rush visit to the doctor I have proceeded to drink copious amounts of water (at least for me) to ensure that the little wiener has lots of room to roam!!

This picture scared me as I usually think of Koda as a pretty big dog (he is the biggest of 5) ... but next to me he is puny!! Eeeks ... big Momma!! :)

Sunday was Pete and my One Year Anniversary!! We actually beat the baby ... hahaha!! This was my breakfast in bed ... isn't it sweet!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Almost a month ... again!

So it has been almost a month since I have updated ... I guess I am not very good at the whole "blogging" thing. I think it might be because for some reason I feel the need to have a photo to post with every update. Hmmm? Maybe if I can get over that then I will be more consistent.

So anyway, things are going very well. I am absolutely gigantic and it is getting harder by the second to move around without grunting and groaning but I am loving being able to feel my little Will moving around all the time. Before I felt the baby I wondered if I might be weirded out by having this "thing" inside me moving around, but it is something that I think I might miss. No matter where I am I get to enjoy his movements ... I am never without him and for now I cherish that. ;)

I am up to weekly appointments at the Doctor and Pete and I just had our 3rd Prenatal class on Tuesday. Of course the shopping never ends ... but I think my Mom and I are being much better behaved. Only buying things we REALLY need!! ;) I have to admit that I did buy some more maternity clothes yesterday (yes, I have received the big heck from all those around me) ... but I bought stuff that I figured I could use for the first couple of months after the birth. Keep your fingers crossed cuz that is my justification!

On a positive note, my sister Candace, came home from Thailand a month early so will be here for sure when Will is born. I am happy that she will be here to share this with me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More pics of Will ... in utero.

Here is Will's right arm up around his face. He spent a lot of time with both of his arms around his face and was even playing with his hair. Of course his Daddy is jealous of all his hair. Haha!!

Mom and I went for the second 3D Ultrasound at UC Baby just over a week ago so that we could get the video redone. It was incredible how much Will seemed to have grown in just a week. Of course all of the 3D images are software rendered so it is of course open to interpretation. This time I wanted to get some good shots of his boy parts and we even got to get a glimpse of his peepee! Haha.

I love this one of his little foot sticking out from between the placenta. He has his toes spread and as soon as I saw it I spread my toes too ... it was funny.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UC Baby ... again.

Well it turns out that our DVD from UC Baby was not created properly and our session has been deleted from their hard drives ... so ... that means we get another session for free. This is a good thing however we had enough trouble getting good images of Will last time due to lack of space in the womb. This time I will be 2 weeks further along so hopefully we will be able to see some movement. I can certainly feel him moving around almost all of the time now as he gets bigger but it is something else to try to capture these movements on an ultrasound. Anyhoo, my new appointment is tomorrow at 9am. I figured that I would spare the boys this time around ... they think he looks like butterscotch pudding ... so it will probably be just my Mom and I. We can't seem to get enough of this stuff so all is good for us.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I have pretty much decided to go down the cloth diapering route however there are so many different choices out there (AIO, Pocket, Pre-fold etc.). I think I have finally decided to go with BumGenius 3.0 - OneSize. After a lot of reading they seem to have excellent reviews and the great thing is that they are One Size so I don't need to keep buying up to the next size.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back from Mexico.

So Mom and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from Sept 6 thru 14. It was incredibly hot but also very beautiful. We stayed at Club Regina at the Westin resort. Again, very beautiful but there is a reason that this is the shoulder season. The good thing was that the whole place was empty ... therefore very good service.

One really great thing we did was "Swim with Dolphins". This adventure was much better than the one we did in Punta Cana in March. We spent lots of time in the water with the dolphins and much more one on one time. They were so nice that they let us have one extra picture at the end of the dolphin kissing little Will in my belly. Lucky kid ... he isn't even born yet and he has gone swimming with dolphins twice and also swam with stingrays and nurse sharks!!

3D Ultrasound ... and update.

Not that we didn't know already, but it has been confirmed again, Will is most definitely a boy. You can see his gonads in this one ... heehee.

Here is a pretty good picture of his face. Isn't this technology incredible! The technician was having difficulty getting a good face shot as he was cuddled up to the umbilical cord and the placenta. She said that babies like to stay close to the placenta because it is warm. This was a pretty neat experience. We could see his facial expressions change (saw some cute smiles) and could even see him blink. Only 2.5 months left!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3D Ultrasound

So I have finally booked an appointment for a 3D Ultrasound at UC Baby ... check them out here: It is booked for Thursday September 17 from 10-11AM MST. I can send them up to 4 email addresses to watch the Ultrasound on the web while it is happening. Let me know if you would like to watch ... I know, bloody exciting.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


So Pete took some pics of my belly (finally)!! It is actually quite huge (as you can see for yourself) ... Haha. We took quite a few ... but needless to say only some of them are suitable for public consumption.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will's first kick!!

Well, little Will must have been a little perturbed about my last post cuz he just gave me quite a few good kicks!! YAY!! This is the first time that I could REALLY feel him for sure.

Poopy day outside.

Well it seems that our summer may be over already ... just jokes ... but it is really crappy outside and it is supposed to stay that way for most of the week. Is it terrible for me to be relieved that it isn't bloody hot outside??? There is still a lot of work to be done around the house getting things unpacked and getting all the yard work done so the cool weather is a bit of a relief. We are getting our tree for the front yard planted on Thursday and I am pretty excited. Given my delinquency in getting it picked out I actually saved myself a bit of moolah. We were able to get a REALLY big tree for 25% off ... I am sure all of the neighbours are going to have tree envy!! Hopefully Pete will be able to get the sod installed in the front yard next weekend if the weather cooperates. This will just leave weed pulling, flower watering and lawn mowing!! I will post some pics. when it is all pretty.

As for little Will, I think he didn't like something I ate yesterday as I was feeling some pain last night. I know he is wiggling away in there but I am more likely to be able to feel my fibroids than his cuteness at this point. Soon enough I am sure I will be wishing for him to stay still!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lake Sikome

Relived some of my childhood today by heading out to Lake Sikome this morning for a couple of hours with the fam. It was fun but we didn't stay too long as we had very important things to do this afternoon, like nap!! Pete, Zane and I each went into the water for about 2 seconds and then chose to lay under a tree in the shade for the remainder of our visit eating munchies.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Back ...

Hey there! I am back and wow have things really changed. It has been 2 years since my last post and it most certainly is "Doggies ... and more ...", way more. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. I am hoping to use this blog as a way to capture some of the memories and details of this exciting time. I am kind of late getting started so I have a fair amount of catching up to do, but in the meantime ... presenting Willem Peter: