Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bathtime ... On my own & with Mommy!

Since Will has been swimming so much he really enjoys spending a long time having a bath. He now sits on the "Big Boy" side of his little tub and he had a bath with Mommy in the big tub for the first time today!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 Months old today!!

Wow ... what a whirlwind. I can't believe little Willie Pete is 5 months old already! He has become such a happy and sweet little boy. Here is what he has been up to the past month:

o LOTS of swimming. Our first time swimming was on April 20 at Shawnessy YMCA. It was fun for our first time but the water was pretty cool and there was a very short window to swim. We have since gone 8 or 9 times to the kiddie pool at Southland Leisure Center (once with our friends from our prenatal class and the other times with Grandma). This pool is much warmer and Will loves to see the other babies and kids. He has even had a few hugs!! He is so comfortable in the water now that you can dump a bucket of water over his head and he loves it.

o Will has also started to eat big boy food. He has pablum every day and loves to eat Mum Mum cookies. He is getting much better at getting the cookies in his mouth instead of his eyes. He loves to eat the pablum so much that I have to make sure that he is not too hungry otherwise he gets mad if there isn't a constant stream of food heading into his mouth. This can be quite difficult as he loves to help and grips the spoon as tight as he can. He has had a bit of fruit (banana and peaches) but doesn't seem to love them yet. Needless to say it is quite an ordeal to clean up the mess!

o Grandma and Mommy were at The Keg visiting Auntie Candace and having a glass of wine a couple of weeks ago and Will kept staring at the wine glasses and reaching for it. Here is the result (it is just water sillies!):

o Will also made the move to a "big boy" car seat last week. Both Grandma and Mommy got one as they are too hard to move between vehicles. We had Angie from Seat Savvy install them for us ... a steal for $30 to know they are installed correctly! There were so many seats to choose from but we ended up getting a Britax Advocate CS in Opus Grey (altho Mommy and Grandma did really like the pink version.

o Will is now on a fairly consistent sleep schedule (unless he is partying at Grandma's). All of my Mother friends out there will curse us but we are quite pleased to say the least. He sleeps 9 - 12 hours at night and then is up for 2 hours in the morning before having a 2 - 3 hour nap. Yes, he is a happy boy ... and so is his Momma.

o Giggles galore, almost sitting up on his own and looks like he is pretty anxious to crawl. The next month will be even more fun I am sure.