Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doggies ... finally!

I just remembered that this blog is called "Doggies and more..." and thought that I might as well share a bit of the Doggies part. Dundee (my sweet but VERY busy puppy) has a thing for chewing on eyeglasses. He has destroyed 4 or so pairs of glasses (both mine and my Mother's) and most recently a brand new pair that I got to replace the pair he had ingested!

Here they are! I wasn't able to find any of the lenses however my Mom said that she almost stepped on pieces of them when she came over later that day to let Koda and Dundee out. It was supposed to be a secret that he had eaten another pair (and a very expensive pair too), but I had to stay late at work. For your viewing pleasure we also took a pic with them on me:

Why am I smiling? I don't know. Is that I have gone totally insane as well as broke from this nutcase I call my dog??? Here is a picture of him looking sweet and then another of him trying to quickly vacate the crafting table that he had just been investigating.


Cheryl said...

Good Andrea - Bad Dundee

Colleen Schaan said...

How funny...in a pricy kind of way. I know exactly what you are going through. Our new puppy has a thing for carpet...the corners to be exact. We have rearranged the furniture to cover all of the holes right now. Bad thing is the house is only 6 months old...BAD DOG! (but he is soooo dang cute!)

christine said...

hmmm, maybe it's time for some laser surgery, A-- it would be cheaper than replacing all of those danged glasses! (but you always have the coolest frames....)


Diane said...

I stumbled on to your blog because of the similar names and had to comment on this post....I FEEL YOUR PAIN LOL. I had to start locking my glasses in a draw when I didn't have them on because Rodney(pit bull mix) hunt them down to eat them. The last pair he ate put me on a potty watch because it ate everything, but one ear piece!! Unbelievable! Your puppies are cute!