Friday, May 18, 2007

Dundee a little cuter ... plus Koda.

I was just looking back at the picture of Dundee and I realized that was a face only a mother could love. He really is quite cute so I took these pictures of him wrapped up in a blanket looking very tame ... ha,ha ... how they fool you!

At the same time, I also realized that my other dog Koda has not had much face time on the blog yet. Could this be because he is sweet, quiet and stays out of trouble??? Great reward for the 'good' dog, pretend he doesn't exist. Well, here is a picture of my sweetest little black doggie, KK. Well he is really not so little, he is about 50 lbs. but he is little compared to Dundee. This is him being introspective at his Auntie Joyce's in California:


christine said...

KODA!!!! We need more pictures of them both.... give these two crazy boys kisses from me....


Carrie said...

Well said.