Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back from Mexico.

So Mom and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico from Sept 6 thru 14. It was incredibly hot but also very beautiful. We stayed at Club Regina at the Westin resort. Again, very beautiful but there is a reason that this is the shoulder season. The good thing was that the whole place was empty ... therefore very good service.

One really great thing we did was "Swim with Dolphins". This adventure was much better than the one we did in Punta Cana in March. We spent lots of time in the water with the dolphins and much more one on one time. They were so nice that they let us have one extra picture at the end of the dolphin kissing little Will in my belly. Lucky kid ... he isn't even born yet and he has gone swimming with dolphins twice and also swam with stingrays and nurse sharks!!

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Allison said...

Lovey this pic...jealous!