Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Better photos!

Thanks again to Allison, I have figured out how to take better pictures of my cards to share with all of you. I should have known this as I love to take close up pictures of just about everything! Anyways, now the cards will be much more clear especially if you click on them to see the details. I will be posting some of the cards that I have made in the past to use this as an archive. Note that almost all of these cards have been made with either Allison's help or her paper, stamps, ink etc... Or for that matter, stamps or ink that she has bought me. Do you think she is feeding my addiction or what! At least I have stopped buying so much and am actually making now. BTW: We both kicked butt at Chi Ball/Pilates - we are the epitome of grace and sweat!

1 comment:

Allison said...

These look so cute on your blog! Of course, my fav is the second one! And I am not hurting too much yet...tomorrow will be the true test!