Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Long time no speak.

Well I thought that I had better get a message out there to my faithful fans. :p

It has been a fairly rough week and I haven't had a chance to work on any cards. Allison and I went shopping (again) on Saturday evening and I picked up a great new stamp set, a bag of gorgeous Prima flowers, and 1 piece of paper (I was so well behaved). It was an absolute gong show in the store and the lady at the cash register was surprised that I waited in line for so long for only 3 items ... but Allison had a great haul and she has been busy making cards!

Tonight is our 3rd Chi Ball/Pilates class, well my 3rd and Allison's second. I know that we are going to be great!! Of course I wish that I didn't have to go cuz I am feeling lazy but I always have fun ... my mind keeps me back. Arghhh! Anyhoo, I am going to head home soon to visit the boys before I head out. Cheers!


christine said...

gosh, don't you hate rough weeks? take care of yourself, sweetie, spring is around the corner! (of course, it's been spring for quite a while in my part of the world...)


Allison said...

You have been tagged!