Monday, April 30, 2007

Me again ...

Howdy! I have not been posting however I have made a couple of cards which I will post when I get home ... I am actually pretty proud of them. It was a busy weekend as today is the last day to file personal taxes in Canada ... my Mom is an accountant and I was helping her out this weekend. Needless to say going to my 'real' job today was not very exciting after such a busy weekend ... I think I worked more in the last two days than I did all last week. :)

Anyhoo, lots of changes in my life these days so I may have more time to make cards and post to my blog. Either that or I will have less time as I embark on my exciting new life ... not. Haha. Updates to follow.

Love you all. A.


Allison said...

Yo! Nice to hear you didn't fall off the edge of the earth! Up for chi ball tomorrow? Paula and I are thinking that the three of us need to meet up for some retail and restaurant therapy this week...ya up for it?

christine said...

Nice to see your post, Andrea. It sounds like life is keeping you busy-- hmmm, seeing Allison's post... I may have to indulge in some retail therapy myself-- life is hectic and interesting here, as well. Take care of yourself.


Cheryl said...

Thank you for all your great help this weekend. I couldn't have done it without you.